LOS ANGELES — Pulse Distribution has signed with NMG Management to take advantage of its suite of brand management and licensing services.

According to a rep, “NMG Management is an innovative leader in brand management and global content licensing; combined with Pulse’s stable of represented studios both large and boutique, the partnership will merge the two companies’ greatest strengths to deliver the studios Pulse represents a greater worldwide presence than that through DVD sales alone.”

Pulse Distribution CEO Jim Kohls said, “This agreement between Pulse Distribution and NMG Management will open additional revenue streams for our current clients and any future clients.”

NMG Management focuses on business development and brand expansion for professional studios and content producers, working with partners to assist in generating additional revenue from ancillary markets while integrating each monetization channel available, including broadcast, foreign licensing, mobile, IPTV, web and VOD, while searching for new emerging channels on behalf of its business partners.

“Pulse Distribution is a great company to work with!” NMG Management partner Megan Stokes said. “We’ve been fortunate to build a strong, symbiotic relationship with them for many years. They have such a large presence in the distribution market, that it just made sense for us to team up. We’re really excited to grow this relationship in a new direction, and help create more revenue opportunities for their studios. Together, we can’t wait to help the studios reach a wider audience!”