Content Creators

Are you struggling to update and manage more than 1-2 platforms at a time? Feel like you’re losing money not having your content well positioned on every platform? Want more time to produce even better or more content? Feeling overwhelmed by not knowing what will sell the most for your efforts? Just want someone handling all of this for you while you broadcast live?

NMG Management is a premium brand management company working with content creators to expand their revenue opportunities and maximize their time. Our core business is maximizing your exposure and earnings for everything you create to help you build your brand and grow your following. But not everything is all about revenue (Trust us, it’s a BIG part though), it’s also about knowing if you are getting the best payout available to you, reviewing agreements and opportunities, having a team you can ask not only in depth questions to but can bounce ideas off of. We are your New Business Development team and an extension of you and your brand.

Premium Tube and Clip Sites

Viewshare and Clips department focuses on extracting the most revenue from every piece of your content. Our team specializes in maximizing the exposure and engagement of your content customized by the platform as each one is unique. If you’re not already working with us, reach out to find out how we can help you!

Licensing Opportunities

Licensing is one of the most underutilized opportunities content creators often overlook. We have a multitude of ways you can generate extra revenue across a variety of distribution channels, even from a single image. We have decades of experience working with distribution channels around the world including television providers, hotel chains and closed circuit broadcasters. If your content sells well on a small desktop monitor, laptop or mobile phone, there is a strong chance foreign broadcasters are willing to pay you for the right to offer it on the big screen as well. We can also present you with partnerships with many larger paysites members areas that will not only get you revenue for your content but traffic as well. We help you find ways to squeeze additional income from even your oldest sets.

Turn-Key Brand Management Services 

You are really busy. Seriously busy. Right? That’s why we make it super easy for content creators like you and handle all the heavy lifting, everything from uploading content to titling and tagging and so much more. Our team makes sure you are well represented everywhere.

At NMG, we are driven to help you succeed because if you don’t make money, we don’t make money! If you would like to arrange a call to receive an evaluation of what we think we can add to your bottom line, please use our contact form.