About NMG Management

After gaining decades of experience as content managers, publishing their own sites, running an affiliate program, and working in the DVD to Broadcast sales side of major adult brands, the partners at NMG Management decided to launch a comprehensive brand management firm that is able to discover and recover revenue currently being lost or overlooked by content owners.

Since then the team has expanded to include professional designers, marketers, techs, business services professionals for accounting and collections as well as virtually every other area necessary to run a successful adult brand on a day-to-day basis. Our core competency is in handling all the details that others miss and filling in with whichever services you need on a modular basis so you maintain complete control while we maintain and accelerate your momentum.

Working with a prestigious set of studios that have included many top brands listed on the Studios section of this website and others in the mainstream as well, the NMG team is now ready to take your brand to the next level by combining innovative marketing with years of experience to give you a competitive advantage in your niche.

NMG Management helps to turn your content into a powerful brand by creating new opportunities for exposure to emerging markets and overlooked sales channels while maximizing your revenue with everything from TV Broadcast and DVD distribution, to all sorts of Licensing opportunities internationally. The world of adult has dramatically changed in the past 10 years and people keep telling you to Adapt or Die, right? That’s easy to say but harder to do. Everything in this business is constantly changing and growing. Content styles and technology especially, which is why adult has gone from VHS to VR in such a short period of time. Knowing your customer base and finding new ways to entice them and expand it is what you do best while finding new customer bases and ways to reach markets you are currently missing is the piece of the puzzle we provide for our clients.

Rather than telling you how great we are to work with, we encourage you to contact any of the studios we represent. Ask around. Adult is a tight-knit community of business owners and we have worked hard to establish our own brand as one that can be trusted and relied on. Our reputation is especially important because the strength of our brand is the best evidence of what we can do for your brand as well!

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