LOS ANGELES — Lustery has signed an exclusive agreement with brand management firm NMG Management.

Under the arrangement, the NMG team will oversee the brand’s global broadcast, DVD distribution, VOD services and additional revenue streams.

Lustery co-founder Paulita Pappel said, “We’re excited to embark on this new phase where we will make Lustery real-couple amateur content available for the first time in new spaces outside of our own platform. We expect to gain more eyes on our films and to keep sharing our love of documentary porn with the world as we expand the reach of our brand. We’re delighted to be working with NMG management because of their understanding of our unique product.”

Megan Stokes, co-founder of NMG Management, emphasized the shared ethos between NMG and Lustery, noting that both companies began as small ventures driven by a vision for transformative change within the industry.

Stokes commended Pappel for her dedication to cultivating a brand that not only pushes boundaries but also aligns with NMG’s values of empowerment and innovation.

“Paulita has built a brand that champions authenticity, celebrates intimacy and challenges conventional narratives surrounding sexuality,” she said. “Lustery’s commitment to providing a platform for real couples to express themselves in an unfiltered, shame-free environment resonates deeply with what we stand for at NMG. We are honored to be representing them.”

Through the partnership, NMG Management aims to amplify Lustery’s reach and impact, ensuring that the company’s content reaches even broader audiences worldwide.

Lustery’s first release will be available on VOD, DVD and for licensing opportunities in May.