To be a successful content creator, you need to wear several hats: performer, editor, copywriter and sales rep. There are several ways to make sales on your content platform profiles, but the one we’re going to focus on here is selling your content through locked DMs.

First things first. On all of your profiles, make sure that you have your DMs turned on for followers. I know this seems like basic, 101-level info, but some creators who are just starting out may worry that they’ll be flooded with DMs and opt not to turn them on at all.

A good preview creates the desire to unlock and complete a purchase, enticing the fan to take action.

It’s easy enough to post a note on your profile specifying that DMs are strictly for content, or that you don’t chat there — especially on free profiles. Some creators prefer to offer chatting only on their paid pages or via carefully cultivated VIP profiles for fans who are big spenders. Regardless of your preference, have DMs turned on so that you can convert active followers to paid fans and subscribers.

Why Use Locked DMs

Sending your content via DM makes for a more intimate, personalized user experience. Rather than putting it on your wall and taking a gamble on who will see the post, you’re targeting users privately, in a way that they can respond to directly as soon as they see the message. This helps make fans feel connected to you.

This route also creates a sense of exclusivity. Use your curated fan lists to offer content that enhances the user experience. Target your new content to the right fan group first, using custom text that appeals directly to them. Send a foot bundle to your foot lovers and discounted content to your top fans, for example.

Later, for additional sales opportunities, recycle the same DMs by sending them to new followers who weren’t around when you initially sent them out. You’ll know who’s who because you’re good at keeping track of the data and where/when your content goes out! Especially if you’ve been reading this column and following my advice.

Most importantly, locked DMs give you an added layer of protection against piracy. Wall content that is available to everyone has a higher chance of being pirated, so lock up your valuables!

The Pitch

To get the attention of your fans, be descriptive and use specific language. You want them to be curious enough to want to unlock it. Crafting a message that closely matches your model voice and teases as to what’s behind the paywall takes some practice, and you may find that you need to adjust the text when you resend it for recycled posts, to get a better response. That’s OK! It takes time to finesse your sales skills. Once you get your rhythm, it will become second nature.

Calls to Action

What good is a pitch if it doesn’t prompt action? If you’re not sure what a call to action is, think of it as a little extra jolt to close the deal. It can be something as simple as “This offer is only available for the next 24 hours!” which lends that sense of urgency. You’d better buy now, before it goes away!

It could also be an additional incentive. “Everyone who unlocks this video gets a FREE photo set to go with it!” Offering something extra for free works great with your more expensive content, as it adds value without requiring any additional work from you.

Show Them What You’ve Got

Some platforms now offer the ability to include a free preview. I recommend making a short teaser for your content, both SFW and NSFW versions. Your free pages or social media profiles can get the SFW teaser, and the NSFW version is for your fans who are already subscribed. A good preview creates the desire to unlock and complete a purchase, enticing the fan to take action.

To Emoji, or Not to Emoji?

Yes, emoji! Yes! Use them to break up your text, to convey popular terminology and impart flirtatious vibes with ease. To a fan with specific tastes who’s scrolling through their messages, the right emoji will make them stop and take a second look. Into water sports? There’s the splash. Or maybe they’re into butts, so throw in some peaches. It’s not rocket science, but it does take a skillful hand to know when and where to deploy the power of emojis.

Here’s a sample of a strong DM that combines all of the skills above:

Shower Sex With My Hung Boyfriend [eggplant emoji]. This quickie shower sex tape was totally unplanned! [“hands covering eyes” emoji] He starts fucking me with the perfect view of my bodacious ass [peach emoji] before burying himself in my extra-wet pussy! I finish him off with a deep throat and extra-messy BJ! Do you think you could last as long as he did? [thinking face emoji]

See? All it takes is a simple description of the action in the scene, some well-placed emojis and a question at the end that leads the viewer toward clicking that “buy” button. Now slide into those DMs and get started.