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Success as a creator requires maximizing your visibility, expanding your audience, producing appealing content and getting the most out of that content. Let’s break down how to approach these tasks using some of the most effective tools in your creator tool belt.

The key to reaching a wider audience is, of course, promoting yourself on multiple platforms.

Smart Social Media

The key to reaching a wider audience is, of course, promoting yourself on multiple platforms. Mainstream platforms such as TikTok, Discord, Instagram and even YouTube are excellent options, as long as you operate within their rules. These platforms allow you to bring in new fans, while also presenting more personality-based content. You can lean into your personal interests, such as gaming or working out. Even a simple “get ready with me” video or Q&A livestream can provide an opportunity to reach new fans, engage existing ones and drive traffic to your “spicy” platforms. Just be sure to drop appropriate hints that you’re on other platforms as well. You can even place content from your SFW social media on your NSFW platforms to add personal, intimacy-building touches, either as a free video for your subs or a little intro on your free pages.

Keywords Are Key to Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to your content’s survival. Using keywords helps your content come up in various search engines, on the platform itself and also in general Google searches. Make sure that you’re using your keywords properly, selecting ones relevant to your content. For instance, “MILF” is a popular term, but unless you are a MILF, you shouldn’t be using it just to pop up in searches.

Keywords vary from platform to platform, as each has a unique audience. Note which keywords are popular on your platforms, and which apply to you. If you’re not sure where to start, look for platforms that have a “trending” page for guidance. Some even show you how tags and keywords are ranked, as well as their ongoing popularity.

Setting the Stage

While you don’t need state-of-the-art tech for shooting content, it is a good idea to make sure you have reliable equipment when setting up for your livestream. You’ll want to invest in a 4K streaming webcam, so that your content is sharp and clear. Make sure you have a good tripod for your phone, or a good cam mount for your webcam. Think about whether you will be using ring lights or light bars, so that your fans get to see you in the most flattering light. If you’re doing a more casual livestream — baking cookies, for instance — you may find that your kitchen lighting is flattering enough, but if you’re doing more face-forward camera interactions, an overhead light may not be the best look.

Selling Your Stream as New Content

While most platforms include the ability to livestream, some are stronger than others when it comes to camming features and tech. Some offer the option to download your livestream afterward and sell it as a recording. If you’re streaming on an NSFW platform, check to see if it allows you to download the livestream once it’s completed; if not, you’ll want to look into options such as open broadcaster software (OBS) to capture the stream for you. I don’t recommend using software on sites that do allow you to download, however, as it can interfere with your stream quality and cause blurring, audio and video delays or connection issues.

Being able to download your shows means that you can do a spicy livestream on one platform, then edit it down to create fresh content for another one. Some creators opt to offer their stream recordings raw from start to finish, as is, but others find that editing it to only include the sections that have the most sex action works best when reselling.

Prior to your livestream, give your fans the option to tip in advance to get a recorded copy of the stream’s spiciest moments. That way, even if they don’t end up tuning in to watch it live, they’re still contributing to your bottom line.

Finally, make sure that everyone knows where and when you’ll be streaming, and keep to your schedule! Your fans make the time to come see you, so show them that they can count on you. Rotate among platforms, so that the algorithms promote you on a regular basis, and keep those platforms regularly updated so that your fans know you’re actively working to create new and exciting content for them.


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