Phoenix Marie loves “trying to save marriages one scene at a time,” and considering the fantasies she fulfills with the promise of sexual catharsis, couples just might be mending fences aplenty basking in her glow.

Before she became a top-tier MILF and Brazzers contract star with confidence in spades, Marie remembers being shamed for her sexual curiosities growing up. Then, after attending an adult expo with a friend, she connected with a talent agency and took her first steps into the biz.

“I was single, I loved sex with my previous five partners and the money seemed incredible, so why not?” she reminisced. “I stay for the sex; but yes, I’m grateful for the money, hah!”

Reflecting on the biggest milestones in her vibrant 15-year career, which has netted her hundreds of thousands of followers and hundreds of millions of views on her content, Marie shared, “I automatically think about Brazzers and my current contract status. I have to say that when I decided to make a comeback, I had to come to my family company that has allowed me to be safe, sexual and happy. I’ve performed so many firsts for them and they’ve truly helped me create my fan base. I’ve shot over 1,500 scenes and I’ve come to know myself through every one of them.”

I’ve evolved so much, from that nerdy girl who had no self-confidence, who was picked on consistently for my big ass and thighs throughout my adolescence and the beginning of my career with major studios, to becoming a sexual phoenix.

As a go-getter who tirelessly works hard to up her game, Marie also has a robust presence on OnlyFans, sporting 345,000 likes, not to mention her popular official website at

Now, she is partnering up with NMG Management co-founder and longtime friend Megan Stokes to accelerate her brand, rising ever higher as XBIZ Creator of the Month. Awaken your own inner phoenix, rising from the ashes, with this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Describe the biggest ways you’ve evolved personally and professionally since entering the industry.

MARIE: I’ve evolved so much, from that nerdy girl who had no self-confidence, who was picked on consistently for my big ass and thighs throughout my adolescence and the beginning of my career with major studios, to becoming a sexual phoenix. I laughed the other day; all the things I was shamed for became so much a part of pop culture today, from my Marvel trading cards to having a big butt! I think professionally, I’ve grown with the industry by having an opportunity to stay on top while maintaining a voice among this new dense amount of females using the industry to expand their finances.

XBIZ: Who are some of your closest friends, mentors or colleagues in the biz?

MARIE: Who are my closest friends? Well, Jada Stevens is always first. I can go a year or two without being in her presence and the minute we see each other it’s as though no time has passed at all. From Black Opal to TAO dinners she’s been there for me through so much of my life and the way she is growing as a businesswoman is so incredible. To see her starting her own production company and leading the way for big-booty girls making big moves, I’m so proud of her accomplishments and there’s more to come.

Alexis Fawx is a MILF goddess and explorer; her ability to diversify to non-adult assets with her coffee company and now adult beverages is so amazing, plus when I needed a friend to go to Nicaragua she booked the flight ASAP because of her love of learning and exploring new places. Watching Abella Danger, my mini, rise to the level of fame she has hit is incredible. I’ve been very lucky to be a small part of that and I’ll forever treasure our “brat” days. From her tears at awards noms to putting my grown self into a tutu for her showcase, I adore her.

Johnny Castle I adore for being my best friend forever; even with all my faults he still loves me. We’ve been through so many stages of friendship and lovers, so to watch him grow from a business management side is astonishing. My girl Megan Stokes, for her leadership, management and friendship this past year, I’m incredibly grateful. Plus, she’s a total nerd who is down to build lightsabers and show me cool tiki lounges.

Rick Shameless. I’m grateful for him being himself, and our friendship has become something I truly cherish even if back in the day he wouldn’t get off the apple box. Now he makes me look incredible for my own independently produced content.

Brazzers of course continues to be my family since my fifth scene ever, making me feel respected and promoted.

And all my male costars have helped me find myself sexually; with your hard cocks, how else could I show off? I know, I know, hard day. To all my female costars, even the ones who were “gay for pay,” I know you at least had a story about our scenes, hah.

XBIZ: Describe your relationship with Brazzers since signing with them in 2019 and how you’ve grown together.

MARIE: Well, this Brazzers x Phoenix collaboration has been ongoing for 15 years now. From Jordan Ash and me sneaking the only schoolgirl scene I’ve ever done — I had one non-MILF day, let me have it! — to “your mom’s hot ass loves my nerd cock!” with Keiran Lee … that day went from me in tears of sadness over a breakup to laughing uncontrollably with happiness thanks to Keiran … to the infamous Tony T shoot that led to me flipping a young Jordi and is meme-famous still today, we’ve done some incredible scenes with so many more to come.

I would also like to state, the first consent form ever was done on set with myself and Danny D in “Phoenix Marie’s ass gets Danny D’d.” It was the only way I could get the scene I truly wanted, hardcore, back then. Visa was imposing harder guidelines on what they felt was consensual and I was tired of them, Visa, trying to make me have “robotic sex.” But in 2019 I was given my official contract which I’m truly grateful for. It truly is an honor to be invited to represent this incredible company. From the first live shows to ZZ+ and everything in between, I’ve always called them family and they know I will always do anything they need at any point in time.

As far as growing, they have brand meetings with their contract girls to see how we would like to expand our brand in different scenes, sharing opportunities, business ventures and offering exposure. To be given a decision in how you’ll be viewed is such an amazing gift of respect to us performers. I am planning a few things, hopefully soon, to experience things I’ve never done.

XBIZ: Talk about how you and NMG Management collaborate for greater success.

MARIE: My girl, NMG management owner Megan Stokes, is such an incredible individual, first and foremost. She is a leader and force in this male-dominated industry and she has my best interest with every deal I pursue. I have been privy to so many outlets to diversify my content and brand management so fans can access my personal content on newly developed revenue sources. Megan has also taken on the role of mother with me and I am in such awe of her collaborations from where she started to sharing a home with Reality Kings when I had “My Sexy Life,” because when two strong women get together, people take notice! As 2022 comes on, I’ll be growing other name brands along with my own.

XBIZ: What are your main revenue streams these days and how do you approach time management?

MARIE: First, can we just state that these past three years have been phenomenal for us performers independently? Besides Brazzers and other established/amazing porn companies, the forward-thinking in OnlyFans to invest and create a platform for performers to expand their income and make more opportunities has been such a blessing for us. Second, there are so many different platforms that my time management — between still maintaining a medical job, a CoolSculpting career, creating my own content, showing up to the best sets for Brazzers and trying to maintain any relationships or friends — is insanity. My friend, who is also my doctor, told me, “With your schedule and life, how you haven’t had a breakdown is beyond me,” and honestly I think the No. 1 thing we all wish we had more of is time. When I’m on set for my OnlyFans, I feel like I’m taking away from my personal time with my family — that’s my No. 1 in life. I don’t know how I do it, I think I just do. Flights, hotels, scene partners, directors … I just seem to do it. I’ve been without an agent in this industry for over 13 years now, so I had to just make it work!

XBIZ: Talk about a major challenge you’ve overcome and how it shaped you.

MARIE: A challenge I overcame that changed me, well … I guess now is as good of a time as any to start to discuss this.

I lost my 18 ½-year-old daughter suddenly on October 3, 2019 right as I signed my new contract for Brazzers. I was/am destroyed inside and out. To be honest, it’s an everyday struggle that still is a demon of depression that tries to pull me down. I will say again my loyalty to Brazzers as a company is beyond words for their understanding and respect towards what I was going through. I gave myself two months of just tears and tears and feeling completely torn apart inside and looked at myself and said she would expect better from me. So, I got up and headed back to my career. There have been hard days, and only certain directors know, where I broke down in the makeup chair because the love I have for her overcame me and without any hesitation a call time was changed or if I needed it, the scene moved. I pray no one ever feels that pain, but I do hope they have people around them who make them stronger.

XBIZ: In what ways have you observed the industry change this past decade, and how have you stayed ahead of the curve?

MARIE: Stayed ahead of the curve … well, I think one way I’ve managed to is because my fans have been so loyal to me and I try my best to stay loyal to the people who treat me with respect. But if you ask Derrick Pierce, I keep reinventing myself, aka Phoenix 2.0. From the girl who couldn’t suck or take a dick to the force of nature I am now, I think I just keep evolving as an individual. I think relationships with great people will always benefit you in life.

Ladies, I’m going to let you know I’ve always treated everyone on set with respect from the PA to the “runners,” as they may start as that but they will achieve their goals to be on top, so respect them! From Billy Visual to MimeFreak, everyone will come up with hard work and dedication to their craft. Then they’ll decide if they want to work with you … aka clean up your own damn baby wipes after the scenes, you nasty, haha. As for how the industry has changed in the last ten years, women are in control of their worth. It’s probably the biggest change for us performers … never doing anything you don’t like or want to do! Having a voice is huge in evolving with a decade worth of performing.

XBIZ: What are your ambitions for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

MARIE: New beginnings … it’s a lucky year, I feel it. I think and hope I can continue to build upon my brand’s strength, going to more live events with fans like X3 Expos and Exxxoticas, trying some new paths sexually, maybe NFTs? Marriage, family, joint OnlyFans … I want my next decade to be as amazing professionally and personally as my last 15 years. Don’t think everything has been roses; there have been many cuts from thorns in that growth and I don’t think that will ever change, but I will keep wearing a smile and powering through. Here’s to creating magic and being happy, successful stars!