Platforms have multiple opportunities for you to engage your fans, but are you using them effectively? In particular, we’re going to talk about the mass messages you send out. A well-crafted message can be enough to get a fan to start spending on you in no time, but there’s an art to mass messaging so that it doesn’t just become background noise to your fans. It takes some creative writing to stand out without seeming like an autoreply robot. The key to a good mass message is making the text personal to the reader — but generic enough that you can repeat and send it when needed.


The most important mass message you’ll send out is going to be your welcome message to new followers. This is the first interaction the fan has that is “direct” with you and can set up a bonding opportunity that can eventually lead to more. It’s a way for your fans to feel welcomed and seen as a person, not just a dollar sign. Your welcome message should be inviting and friendly, with a greeting that thanks them for following you, and may even include a free selfie that you haven’t posted on your walls. It gives the feeling that you are there live, that you see they’re following and that you just couldn’t wait to thank them personally. As part of your thank you message for new subscribers, say something simple like “Thank you so much for subscribing. I can’t wait to see what you think of all my naughty content!” This serves as a small reward to make your fans feel appreciated.


Once you’ve crafted your welcome/thank you message, it’s time to look at marketing via mass messages, through which you can share new content, get fans hyped for a new project you’re working on or announce sales and specials. I recommend a mix of mass message styles so that you have a set routine on what you send and how often, but are also able to mix in some personalized ones to give your fans a variety of opportunities to engage with you.

These messages are also a great way to promote bundles and special sales you’re running. For instance, if there’s a holiday coming up, put together a special offer to match the theme. Recycling your older content in these bundle specials also allows any new fans who missed the original message to buy a second chance. Get creative in how you put these together to really stand out from the crowd. Sending out new content to your subscribers via locked DM is also an effective tool for messaging. Each message should have some kind of text to encourage your fans to unlock the content, such as “I couldn’t believe how wet I got! What do you think?” A simple description followed by a call to action is a tried-and-true sales technique and when done well, your fan is going to want to unlock just to see what you’re talking about.


These types of messages are also a small opportunity for your fans to let you know which of your content they prefer. When they do that, it gives you an opportunity to sell them the specific content they want. Any time a fan gives you feedback, even if it’s “I don’t really like your boy-girl content,” use that as an opportunity to pivot to “Oh really, babe? I think my lesbian content is some of my hottest, honestly. Have you seen this one yet?” followed by a locked lesbian scene. This lets you engage with the fan on their level but also gives you the opportunity to sell additional content.

If you’re online after a scheduled mass message goes out, use that time to see which fan is online and just shoot a DM, like “Did you like the new content, babe?” This is even better if you know the fan’s name, asking “What did you think of my new solo, Dave?” This makes them feel seen and also sets you up to chat with them, which is the perfect lead into a sexting session. Even if they didn’t unlock the scene, knowing that you know they didn’t buy it might be enough to “guilt” them into sexting with you instead.

They may balk at paying $15 for a solo, but they could be open to paying $50 to sext with you for 15 minutes. Or offer them a discounted dick rating if they decide to purchase your locked content. Any time you’re able to add a little personal touch, even if just to a handful of fans, you open the door to becoming one of their preferred content creators.


Not all fans will unlock your mass message. This is when you’ll look at your messaging statistics to find out how you can engage those fans. Some may never interact with you, and that’s totally their choice! Don’t take them off any of your mailing lists, though. Make them mute you, not the other way around. This does not apply to any fans who are using this as an opportunity to harass you; block those fans and let them rant into the void!

Take a look at which messages are doing well; what is it about those that may be different? Are they taking a more personal approach, or are they more focused on the sell? Again, this is where the business mogul in you needs to step up and really analyze what is and isn’t working for you and your brand. Don’t just shake what your momma gave you — utilize the tools each platform gives you to the maximum benefit to get the most out of your accounts.

Megan Stokes is co-founder of NMG Management, a content distribution and management firm. As a veteran of the adult industry, she enjoys sharing the knowledge and data she has collected over time with those who seek her help.