Like an avocado becoming overripe the day after you purchase it, New Year’s resolutions are inevitable. The most common resolutions involve improving your life in some way, shape or form. We’ve all made and then swiftly forgotten some of those — but as a content creator, you’re in a unique position to use your platform as motivation to stick to your resolutions this year! Let’s break down ways you can monetize your goals for the new year in both SFW and NSFW styles.

Making a Plan

The first step is committing to your resolutions. A resolution should be something you can easily document to share with your fans on a consistent basis, or even something in which they can participate with you. Make it something specific and attainable. Think of why this is your goal, how you’ll reach it and what your finish line celebration will be.

The great thing about sharing your journey, other than the monetary boost it can provide, is it gives your fans access to get to know you in a different way.

Let’s use being healthier as our sample resolution. This can even be your main overall resolution. Break that down into components: eating healthier foods or making your own meals, working out more or practicing meditation. Plan out how you can be accountable for these goals in a way that you can share with your fans, and then schedule it.

You’re also going to want to set a timeline. With being healthier as your resolution, it would make sense to incorporate this into a daily routine you can continue on once your goal is reached. Plan for 21-30 days of putting this plan into place. This will give you one month of easy content that you can use as filler between your regular PPVs and bundles.

Finally, have a reward for yourself once you complete this plan. And let your fans know what it is! It can be something like a spa day or a vacation someplace warm. Or make it something for your content, like a new camera setup or taking a pole dancing lesson.

Getting Started

Tell your fans what you’re up to. Do a quick video or pinned post explaining, “I’m on a journey towards better health and want you to join me!” Explain what your goal is and how you plan to implement it. You can also invite them to join you by offering a special fan club experience.

If they’d like to support you, they can join for a month to follow along; offer them “exclusive content” like early access to new posts, a discount on PPVs, shared recipes or workout routines and a free photo greeting each day — SFW is fine, but I would suggest you throw in at least one NSFW a week as well. You can easily write up a bunch of daily greetings and set them to auto-send in advance to make it easier.

An offer like this gives them a kind of personal interaction with you, and if you’d like, you can give these fans a little extra attention as well, which could lead to additional tips.

Being Active

Once you’ve got your fans set up, it’s time to put some action behind your words. Start with a little morning meditation, which makes for an easy selfie wall post. And this can be SFW or NSFW; why not do one of each and send the NSFW to your fan club members, and wall post the SFW? This can serve as an easy option for doing a daily wall posting. Just add a little text and you’re set.

If you’re adding a workout to your routine, plan to record elements of the workout or cool-down. If you belong to a public gym, a gym selfie works great. But if you’re able to film yourself doing a set, there are fans who enjoy seeing a little sweat. If neither of these is possible, there’s always the post-workout shower at home! Stripping off sweaty workout clothes is a thing in itself, but if you tease it to lead into the shower PPV, there’s an easy new post for you.

An easy livestream that you can do is make dinner. You can encourage fan interaction by letting your fan club know ahead of time what you’re going to make, sharing a recipe so they can try it at home and, as you’re cooking, encourage fan club members to share their pics in the feed of how their plates turned out. Those who aren’t part of your fan club could be enticed to join knowing how much attention members are getting during this time.

Wrapping Up

As you near the end of your journey, remind your fans what your reward is. If it’s something they can participate in, that’s even better, even if just as viewers. For instance, maybe you’re going to get an in-home massage from a fellow content creator who happens to be great at massage therapy. Of course you’re going to film the massage, and whatever else may happen, to thank yourself and those who joined you! If you’re going to take a vacation, shoot a quick selfie video just for your fan club at the location, thanking them and giving them a fun little flashing in public.

The great thing about sharing your journey, other than the monetary boost it can provide, is it gives your fans access to get to know you in a different way. That can create a bond that keeps fans renewing and unlocking content on a regular basis. It’s the little details that some fans crave, and if you’re able to provide them, they can often be very generous in their thank yous! Foster that sense of personal connection to build a loyal fan base and a reliable revenue stream.

Megan Stokes is co-founder of NMG Management, a content distribution and management firm. As a veteran of the adult industry, she enjoys sharing the knowledge and data she has collected over time with those who seek her help.