Storytelling is a defining part of the human experience. As long as people have walked this world, there have been true stories that capture our history and fictional tales designed to captivate those who hear them. When we hear memorable stories that really resonate with an audience, we do not want the experience to end. Instead, those stories just make us keep wanting more.

Content creators are modern storytellers, weaving stories with multiple chapters, told in various ways. This variety also makes it easier to come up with new posts! The most successful content creators keep their audience transfixed, eager for the next installment. The secret is to give people just enough of a taste to make them hungry for more.

Story-based posts are an organic form of engagement. This means your viewers will want to see what you post next, which keeps them coming back for more.

Stories Can Be Naughty or Nice

This kind of interest can be generated on premium and SFW platforms alike. After all, stories can be naughty, nice or a combination of the two. Instagram has its limitations, though, which is why creators use it to gain a following and then lead viewers to their OnlyFans for racier content. Instagram is the appetizer; OnlyFans is the entree.

Day in the Life of a Shopper

One easy way to begin a story is by highlighting mundane tasks like shopping for clothes or shoes. Get footage of yourself walking into the store and selecting items. Be fun, flirty and suggestive as you hold up things that catch your eye. This is also an opportunity to generate engagement — more on that later. You can use this material as teaser content for SFW socials, plus it offers a seamless transition into premium content.

Continue your story in the dressing room. Take your clothes off piece by piece to create “chapters.” These short videos can be posted separately, creating more revenue for you and prolonged anticipation for your viewers. If your content includes foot play, try on as many shoes as possible!

Another everyday activity that can be a content gold mine is getting stuck in traffic. We have all been there, so spicing up the situation puts a new spin on an old annoyance. Let’s say you put on a song that you absolutely love, one that also gets you hot. For the SFW platform, talk about how the song makes you feel, but keep it PG. Get suggestive, like running your hands through your hair or down your neck. Comment that the traffic jam might be worse than you thought, but you know how to pass the time — not to mention, you are in need of some stress relief from the annoying situation.

This can lead directly into NSFW content where you are pleasuring yourself right there in the car. Again, take things in stages to store up and maximize the amount of content. And of course, drive safely! It’s not worth risking your well-being for good content, so only film yourself like this if there’s a way to keep your phone in place without using your hands or having to look away from traffic.

Combine Your Story With a Game

Boob-flashing makes for great content, plus it can be a lot of fun. Turn your story into a game of “How many ways can I flash in public?” For SFW platforms, tease a little sideboob or underboob, being mindful to make sure the initial content won’t get banned. The more outrageous or unlikely the place, the better; just make sure you aren’t going to get caught. To really have some fun, see how many places you can do this in one day and try to beat your own record with each new video.

Storytelling Can Increase Engagement

Story-based posts help engage your viewers by making them want to see what you will post next, which keeps them coming back for more. Take things to the next level by turning engagement into interaction. Going back to the shopping content, post a poll asking your audience which shoes or outfit was their favorite. For the traffic jam scenario, ask viewers which song they’d like to hear next time. To get even more personal with your audience, ask them to share their own stories. This can seamlessly integrate your storytelling with that other holy grail of content creation: connection.

Stories Create Connections

Share the most compelling stories your viewers send in, then let them vote on which stories you act out. Share your own stories too, bringing them to life in chapters. The tamer tales can go on SFW platforms while the spicier ones can be teased on free platforms, then promoted as paid content.

Try this out for your Valentine’s Day posts: Send out a simple photo of your lingerie on the bed, then a short clip of your hands pulling stockings up your legs. Both of these can be used on your socials, free and premium accounts. Then send a locked NSFW teaser of you putting on your lingerie or taking it off, getting ready for the big day. Your final post is your hot new scene, available only on your premium platforms. Let’s see how hot you can get your fans!

There is a reason why storytelling has been around since the dawn of time. It harnesses all aspects of the human experience and transports us to the places and situations we long to experience. To create content that people cannot get enough of, turn yourself into a modern storyteller and invite your audience to join you as you explore those places together.