LOS ANGELES — Filthy Kings has entered into a deal with NMG Management, which will manage its content for worldwide broadcast, DVD, VOD and additional revenue opportunities.

“We’re very excited to partner with NMG,” said Filthy Kings owner Jacob Rivera. “Their experience will help bring our content to more places to be indulged in, and we hope it’s a long and prosperous partnership.”

Pulse Distribution sales rep Josh St. John said, “We are very excited to be introducing Filthy Kings on DVD exclusively at Pulse Distribution. Their content covers exactly what our customers want — movies with the industry’s top models and the strongest performing genres. I am confident Filthy Kings will be atop the bestselling new release studios of 2024.”

Added an NMG rep, “We’re so excited to be working with the team over at Filthy Kings. Their passion for porn is what makes their content strong.”

The first release, “BBC Anal Pleasures,” will be available on VOD Jan. 16 and will be released on DVD shortly thereafter.