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 NMG Management works with quality Brands, Studios and Content Creators interested in generating additional revenue from ancillary markets while integrating each monetization channel into a broader, more profitable business strategy.  Our Focus is helping you maximize revenue on Premium Tubes, Clip Stores, DVD, Broadcast, Licensing, Mobile, IPTV, Web, VOD and new emerging channels that should all be part of your business model.

Making Money Like It’s 2001 Requires Working Like It’s

The days of throwing up a paysite and waiting for paper checks to flow in from thousands of part time affiliates are over. Maximizing the value of your brand now requires innovative solutions and a comprehensive strategy that elevates your content from what has become an extremely crowded market of studios and providers. NMG Management earns you the maximum amount of money from every minute of content you create.

Why Do You Need NMG?!

We get it. You are capable of creating content and selling it to the public. You make good money doing it the same way you always have — but aren’t you left wondering if you have been leaving money on the table? NMG Management finds blindspots in your distribution plans, accelerates your growth by connecting you with new methods of monetizing your content and improves the efficiency of everything you do from the time your content is created to the moment you deposit money in the bank. That means you can focus on creating more content and cash more checks, while we enhance the value of your brand at each milestone along the way.

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We are proud of the work we have already done and see it as the best indicator of what we can do for your company now. Be sure to ask around. Adult is a small tight-knit community of entrepreneurs and we have worked diligently for more than a decade to secure a pristine reputation as a brand management company that delivers every single time.