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NMG Management is a premium brand management company working with content creators in the adult industry. Our core business is maximizing the brand value and revenue generation of intellectual property for our clients. It all starts with great content, which is why we are famously selective about the brands in our portfolio. Creating and maximizing new revenue and exposure combines what our clients do best and what we do best in ways that make the whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

Premium Tube and Clip Sites

If you are a Model, Content Creator, or Studio our Viewshare department focuses on extracting the most revenue from every piece of your content. Our team specializes in maximizing the revenge of every piece of content customized by the platform as each one is unique. If you’re not already working with us, reach out to find out how we can help you!

TV Broadcast

Our partners have decades of experience working with major broadcast channels including television providers, hotel chains and closed circuit broadcasters. If your content sells well on a small desktop monitor, laptop or mobile phone, there is a strong chance broadcasters are willing to pay you for the right to offer it on the big screen as well.

DVD Distribution

Yes. We know DVD distribution is less popular than it was in the 1990s. Does that mean you don’t want your slice of the pie that still exists? Fans have already spent millions of dollars on adult DVDs this year. Did your brand earn you what it should from this venerable global revenue stream? NMG Management can make it happen for you.

Licensing Opportunities

Licensing is one of the most underutilized brand opportunities business owners often overlook. We even licensed images to a wide variety of buyers, including a high-end car dealership in Dubai. When you see brands like Playboy putting out a perfume scent or a major tube advertising mainstream hollywood film releases, ask yourself why your brand isn’t earning some of that revenue as well? The answer is probably that you haven’t started working with NMG Management yet. Contact us today to fix that!

Turn-Key Brand Management Services 

You are really busy. Seriously busy. Right? That’s why we make it super easy for  content producers and handle everything for them from niching out the content to generating the cover art, handling all the preliminary contract negotiation, managing or delivering the creative assets and more. Building your brand is a lot less work than you think… and it earns you much more money than you may expect. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

We typically work with  paysite networks that are already successful, or with a new brand that happens to have extraordinarily unique content. NMG Management is always searching the world for new customers  interested in licensing content from the brands we represent and helping our clients scale their brands to satisfy global demand across a variety of distribution channels. If your brand is doing well, and you believe you are already reaching the maximum number of customers, contact us and let NMG Management prove there is more money you could be making right now by engaging our services. We are ready right now to earn your business and grow your brand beyond your own expectation!