A new deal arranged by NMG Management is generating revenue for Baeb.com and creating an entirely new revenue stream for the company. One of the most important parts of this deal is the increased reach that Baeb gets from the promotion of their content to emerging markets on a global scale.

If you take a look at where your sales are coming from, you will quickly realize your are currently missing out on a massive amount of revenue from everywhere else! NMG Management is a global entity with industry leading connections in every region of the world. We work with Mobile Carriers, Cable Companies, Hotel Chains, Closed Circuit Services, DVD Providers, Broadcasters and just about every other avenue that allows adult content to be sold. Making some money sounds good, but making even more money is what we are all about.

Unlocking the full potential of your brand is the key to any end game strategy in adult. Whether your goal is to eventually sell off your brand to a larger buyer, build a brand capable of expanding into mainstream markets, or establish a brand capable of earning you residual revenue in perpetuity, the step from just looking at how much you made this month to how much your brand can actually be worth is where we can help you the most. Turning brand potential into bankable value is what we do best.