NMG Management, which helps adult companies find new ways to increase revenue and brand exposure, has some of the industry’s most prominent studios listed as clients.

From MetArt to Holly Randall to Immoral Productions … the list of clients seeking new licensing opportunities globally goes on and on.


Leading the charge at NMG Management is Megan Stokes, a partner in the company and long-time industry veteran who slipped into the online adult business after teaching herself HTML and building adult websites.

Stokes went on to Shane’s World, where she managed the campus reality-themed studio’s internet division, later serving in top executive positions as vice president and president.

Through the years leading up to starting up NMG Management, Stokes also had executive slots at Reality Kings and Girlfriends Films.

Stokes, a familiar face in the biz whose popularity among peers runs high, recently sat down with XBIZ for this Presidential Suite interview, where we learn more about NMG Management and her pathway through adult.

XBIZ: How and when did you get involved in the adult entertainment industry?

Stokes: This is actually my favorite question to ask people because I often find everyone fell into it in a unique way. My story is no different.

When I was in my very early 20s, I had taught myself HTML and was doing websites for mom-and-pop shops. I was also attending school for 3D animation in film and TV.

One day my teacher pulled me aside and said, “I know you do websites; do you have a problem with adult content?” I thought about it for a second and said no. Turns out he made extra cash shooting and doing lighting for an adult company on the weekends.

I started working on their website and quickly started making my own AVS sites.

About a year after that I took a full-time job at Shane’s World and never looked back. I went on to work with Girlfriends Films and Reality Kings before starting NMG Management.

XBIZ: What is your experience in the industry?

Stokes: I have almost done it all! I started out being a content manager and doing my own sites to running an affiliate program. From there I went on to DVD and broadcast sales.

Lastly when I was at Reality Kings, I got to see broadcast from the other side as we operated a linear channel. Some of my most memorable experiences have to be with Shane’s World.

There is nothing like standing in front of a frat house with like six printers and scanners trying to ID and release hundreds of college kids clamoring to get into a party to see porn stars.

I think Shane’s World not only prepared me for having to think very quickly on my feet but how important relationships are in this business. I still work with almost every single person I did there in some capacity.

XBIZ: Let’s hear about NMG Management? What types of clients does the company serve and what does the company have to offer?

Stokes: NMG Management is one-stop ancillary revenue and brand management company.

We take someone with great content and create and maximize their revenue and exposure with everything from TV broadcast and DVDs to all sorts of licensing opportunities all over the world.

We even licensed images to a high-end car dealership in Dubai (yes, that happened).

We typically work with successful paysite networks or someone with just great or unique content, and we are always searching the world for new customers that are interested in licensing content from the brands we represent.

We focus on generating revenue for all our brand partners in markets that are not their core business. It’s honestly a win-win because we can do it at scale.

We make it super easy for the content producers, and handle everything for them from niching out the content to the cover art to contract negotiations to managing and delivering the assets and more.

It’s what we do best coupled with what they do best, which is creating great content.

We are lucky to be able to be selective with whom we work with. I feel we have an incredibly strong roster of partners such as MetArt/SexArt, Paperstreet Cash/Team Skeet, Porn Pros, Bang.com, Homegrown, Pornstar Platinum, Mormon Boyz and Mormon Girlz, BAEB.com, Holly Randall, Emerald Triangle Girls and many more.

It’s great to work with so many people that are not only partners but honestly friends. I know that sounds cheesy, but in my case it’s very true.

XBIZ: The world of adult has dramatically changed in the past 10 years. How important is it to change with the times?

Stokes: I hate to throw out the old stand-by, but … “adapt or die,” right? Everything in this business is constantly changing and growing. In technology, just in my time, I have seen everything from VHS to VR.

You can be the it thing for the moment but that can easily change the next year. Knowing your customer base and finding new ways to entice them and expand it. For every 10 things you try, one will stick. Keep looking for that next one. The worst thing to do is get too comfortable.

XBIZ: For the past couple of years, virtual reality has held a promise for online adult sites. As an industry, where are we at with that initiative?

Stokes: I would say we are in the very beginning of what the VR market will have to offer. We represent VR Bangers, so we see a lot of interest from customers in the content. They have amazing stuff! But since we are B2B, right now it’s a lot of waiting for our customers to get caught up to it technology wise.

I suspect in two years and when the price for consumers has gone down a lot we will really be seeing all that the space has to offer.

XBIZ: What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

Stokes: I would say being nominated for [2017 XBIZ Exec Awards] Businesswoman of the Year. I swear I am not sucking up, and I’m sure it’s totally coming off that way!

It came at a time I had been working really hard and was in the thick of it and it was just an awesome pat on the back that I needed at that moment.

Then I looked at the list of the other ladies nominated and was even more proud. We have some bad-ass women in this business. I am proud to be one and know many.

XBIZ: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about running a business?

Stokes: Under promise and over deliver. Relationships matter. You don’t need to do it all; you just need to do something really fucking good.

XBIZ: When not thinking about the biz, what do you like to do?

Stokes: I have the most boring life compared to what I do for a living. I have two kiddos so my life is full of Starbucks, Target trips, kids’ birthday parties, playing with Matchbox cars and the park.

Having kids has justified my Disneyland obsession, which is a win. When I actually get to go out with friends, it’s all about the food! I love to try interesting or new restaurants.