LOS ANGELES — NMG Management announced today that it has struck an agreement with the operators of PropertySex.com to manage worldwide DVD, VOD and broadcast distribution.

PropertySex.com is part of the affiliate program CashCore.com, which also features PropertySexVR, PervertPI and Vixenx.  

NMG, a brand management and revenue-generating company, plans to explore “unique opportunities for the site owners to gain more audience channels and new revenue streams,” according to Megan of NMG.

“Getting into this space was a daunting task on my to-do list for a while because it was outside what I consider to be my core competencies,” said Lizz of PropertySex. “I have a background in paysite marketing and tube site traffic and operations, but it is a very different skill set when you are talking about DVD, broadcast and VOD.

“It’s also a completely different Rolodex needed to actually get things done correctly. All my research and due diligence kept leading me to NMG Management who has all the connections, contacts and expertise to get our brands marketed properly in those channels, and some of the other deals we are working on in other verticals are very exciting as well,” Lizz said.

“Making even more money from the exact same content we were already monetizing is always a great feeling.”

Megan said that “the concept of PropertySex.com is simple and straightforward, but the attention to detail is what really sets it apart.”

“At first I was a little surprised by how deeply they go into each scenario, but when that set-up culminated in perfectly captured erotica I quickly understood why so many fans consider this to be the best content of its kind on the market,” she said.

“We are excited to be working with everyone at CashCore to expand their revenue in all these new channels.”