One of the biggest brands in the history of adult entertainment surprised many as Bang Bros announced its decision to put their truly massive catalog of top quality content into play as part of a global licensing deal with NMG Management. The move signifies a potential tipping point in large scale brand licensing of erotica, with so many top converting titles now available for the first time ever via broadcast and DVD distribution channels as the full potential of the brand now being activated.

“We have never done anything in the broadcast space before, and after seeing the kinds of creative deals NMG has managed to make for friends of ours in this business, we saw the potential for plenty of new revenue from our content,” explained Jeff of “We already know exactly how effective our content is online, thanks to more than a decade of detailed stat-tracking, but broadcast arrangements are harder to quantify, so we were wary of jumping into that vertical without the right team backing our moves. Now with Megan and the NMG Management team on board, deals are all getting done quickly and we are already seeing results from new sources of revenue that we weren’t monetizing fully until now.”

NMG plans to make the award winning content part of a larger brand strategy with many new opportunities that build on the success of the content. Under this new deal with NMG Management, Bang Bros DVDs will continue to be distributed via Girlfriends Films.

“I think it’s fair to say that Bang Bros is a star-making brand that has proven itself time and again, capable of turning otherwise unknowns into household names among adult film fans. That level of marketing expertise is rare, and adding NMG Management to the mix is allowing Bang Bros to extend their reach into entire new revenue streams. In the coming weeks, months and years I fully expect the Bang Bros name to become a dominant force in Broadcast media much the same way it has become one of the most respected brands in adult online already.”