As a content creator, you’re likely to be creating content on a regular basis for months on end. Once you’ve posted it, how often are you going back to use that old content, if at all? If you’re not reusing content, you’re guaranteed to be leaving money on the table. It takes a little time and extra effort, but it will save you in the long run, I promise!

You’ve probably heard about how to post your new content, when to post it and what to shoot… but what do you do with that content once it’s been used? To that end, you should have this thought in the back of your mind: “How can I reuse this content three months, six months or a year from now?”

Keeping your pages updated and accounts active takes a lot of time and work. Being able to recycle your older content in creative ways will help you with this process. One thing I recommend you do is have a notebook or blank document ready to make notes. As you’re looking at your content, note your niches and what date they’re released, how long the scene is, what you’re wearing and where the location is. For those of us who are ridiculously organized and methodical, keeping track of your content in a log (like an Excel sheet, for example) will make it easy for you to look back at when content was first released, to efficiently and effectively gauge when you can resell. Or if you have an assistant, pass it on to them to handle for you.

Using your content creatively allows you the flexibility to schedule ahead, create bundle offers and expand your fan base beyond one site.

If you’re not that organized, don’t worry — you’re not alone! I often have grand plans for organization only to find that I am not the greatest at getting things organized right the first time. But if you make this project something that works for you, you’ll be able to keep it up consistently.


When you shoot longer clips, there’s usually a progression in the action. You can cut these scenes up into clips based on the action, and start to group them together to create some bundles. A collection of clips that have a similar niche, be it solos, blowjobs, outdoor nudity, etc., can be put together to create a bundle that you can offer to your fans at a discounted price. Everyone loves a bargain, and by putting together a bundle of 5-10 niched clips you’re able to offer them to the fans who don’t typically respond to spending on one PPV or photo set, but may enjoy a collection of solos for a discounted price. It gives the appearance of more bang for their buck by purchasing more than one clip at the same price they’d pay for a full scene. Think of it like $5 Fridays at the stores; why pay full price for one item, when you can get five of the items for $1 each?


You can also use your older scenes as a discounted welcome for new fan sign-ups to any membership platform, offering it at a “Welcome to my fan club” price. Or use it as a discounted clip to draw new eyes to your pages right before dropping a new clip at your regular price. You can also offer up a “free” welcome video to new subscribers every few months using an older clip that you’ve found is no longer gaining traction on a variety of platforms. Ideally, you’d be using a shorter clip that you’re no longer offering for sale in your recycled posts. You can frame this as offering an exclusive/no-longer-available clip just for new subscribers.


Sending out weekly PPVs to your fans also keeps you at the top of their inboxes. But creating new content to send out every week can be tiresome. This is where the old content gets recycled! If you have a scene that didn’t get much attention when you originally posted it, try sending it out again a month or so later with a new message and a different price. Fan turnover works in your favor here; you may have new subscribers who missed it the first time this scene went around.


One other thing to consider is the variety of clip sites available. If you have old content that you’ve used throughout your primary platform, it might be time for you to explore other clip store options. Just like some people like going to Target for soaps and Trader Joe’s for produce, fans like to go to a variety of sites for their content. Some sites cater to specific niches, while others have a user interface that may be more user-friendly. Are you covered on these sites as well? Why not use your older content to test out which sites you can find new fans on and add to your additional revenue streams? This is a good way to see if there are other places where you could get more returns on the investment of time you’ve put into your content. Research the sites before you start posting to make sure it’s something you’re ready to commit to, or find a service that can do it for you.

Using your content creatively allows you the flexibility to schedule ahead, create bundle offers and expand your fan base beyond one site. You spend so much time putting together quality content, why use it just once? That would be like having a delicious meal and never going back to that restaurant to enjoy the moment again! With some organization and research, your old content can be used again and again throughout multiple platforms and revenue streams. Keep it working for you!

Megan Stokes is a co-founder of NMG Management, the premiere content distribution and management firm. A veteran of the adult industry, she has proven to be an endless well of knowledge and is a collector of data that she gladly shares with those who seek her help.