LOS ANGELES — Industry vet Megan Stokes has launched Fanwire, described as a growth hack platform for content creators.

“As she watched the explosion of the creator industry, Megan saw time and again that popular creators with large followings were struggling to scale their businesses,” a rep said. “Marketing, sales, accounting, admin and editing were overwhelming people who got into the business to make exciting content. So when she met a team of talented developers capable of executing her vision, Megan leaned in, determining the biggest bottlenecks and guiding them to build tools which help creators save time and increase earnings.”

Following a year of private development, Fanwire has now unveiled its first publicly available suite of tools for managing and selling fan content.

With Fanwire, noted the rep, creators can more efficiently “boost auto-renew rates, easily reconnect expired fans, store and distribute media, track and analyze sales, optimize DMs and PPV sales, create personalized promotions and strategically market to top spenders.”

Fanwire is currently available at no cost to creators for the first 30 days. “Afterward, pricing varies based on the size of the active user audience,” the rep said.

“I’ve built my career helping creators,” said Stokes. “I know that not every creator needs a management team. So after looking at the issues that were holding creators back, I partnered with a team of incredible developers to build easy-to-use, smart tools that can help every creator grow, regardless of income.

“This isn’t just about money, it’s about mental health,” Stokes added. “Whether you’re an individual creator or have a whole team working with you, we understand how overwhelming it can be. Fanwire helps you reduce your admin tasks and take back your time. I want every creator to be able to succeed while focusing on what they love. I am so excited to get these tools to creators!”