LOS ANGELES — Women in Adult (WIA) has announced the launch of a Clubhouse Chat series to be held biweekly on Thursdays at 7 p.m. (PDT) with hosts Leah Mahi and Vanessa Eve that will explore “a variety of relatable topics specific to women who work within the adult industry,” noted a rep.

“The mission of WIA is to connect with the community through honest, real and relatable conversations. Everyone is involved in learning from, supporting and relating to one another by sharing experiences,” the rep explained. “These conversations also give listeners from outside the adult industry a better understanding of the inner-workings of the adult space and the people in it.”

The biweekly chat, Mahi said, is “another way to continue empowering women in the adult industry and educating newcomers.”

“The Clubhouse platform has given us an amazing way to connect and come together to share relatable stories in a more meaningful way,” she continued. “By having these conversations, we hope to continue breaking down the stigma surrounding sex work and working in the adult industry.”

Tonight’s Chat is titled “What Does Your Mommy Do: Tales From Working Moms in the Adult Industry.” Joining Mahi and Eve will be Holly Randall, Tera Patrick, Lotus Lain, FanCentro’s Kat Revenga and NMG Management’s Megan Stokes.

“Leah possesses this beautiful passion for uplifting others and bringing people together. What I’ve loved about this process is our synergy,” Eve observed. “We each bring our own strengths to the table, from planning to execution, and everything has just flowed very naturally from the start. Our mission was to build connections within our community through real and relatable conversations, but what I didn’t expect was a deeper bond that would form among the people participating.”

“These chats have provided a source of support and sisterhood beyond anything I would have anticipated. I’m especially looking forward to the ‘What Does Your Mommy Do?’ conversation — a topic that is so deeply personal, yet relatable, to any working mom in adult,” continued Eve. “Our guests are some of the most revered women in our industry, and I cannot wait to hear how they are tackling both the hard and humorous aspects of motherhood.”

Click here for tonight’s Clubhouse Chat conversation or visit the Clubhouse profiles for Leah Mahi and Vanessa Eve.

Recent WIA Clubhouse Chat topics have included “Women Supporting Women” and “Branding with a Capital B” featuring guests Sophie Dee from Shoutout Express, Jasmine James from JMedia Group, Inka Winter from ForPlay Films, Ana Foxxx for Playboy Plus and Brooke Powell from FanCentro.